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    GUI for message tracking log search

    As I promised, I am publishing a post about creating an application with a graphical user interface for searching exchange server logs. Traditionally, Powershell suffered from the lack of a convenient method for creating graphical interfaces. I tried different methods – system windows forms, sapien powershell studio, windows presentation foundation..

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    Message tracking logs

    This script is written to work with a graphical user interface. I will tell about creating GUI for it in the following posts. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis script is quite simple. Get (using automatic variable $PSBoundParameters) all the parameters that were passed to the script, process them and pass to cmdlet on the remote machine. This method can be applied in any such scripts.

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    Telnet script

    There are situations when you need to check the availability of a particular port. Send commands and get an answer. This script can be used as a complete replacement for telnet. Only if telnet cannot be mistaken when entering a command, then it is possible here. It can also be easily edited and used for automatic hosts querying.